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Copper Finned Tubes

Copper Finned Tubes Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters

Copper Fin Tubes are handled out of good Quality plain Copper Tubes adjusting to SB - 111 UNS No. C-12200/

C-122000 and Finning will be completed according to SB-359 UNS No. C-12200/12000. Plain Copper Tubes for preparing Fin Tubes will be acquired from Indian Plain Tubes producers just, according to the code and particular.

Copper Fin tubes are utilized by and large for different Heat Exchanger Applications viz. Condensers, Evaporators, Chillers, Economizers, Oil Coolers, and so on Copper DHP Fin Tubes are widely utilized in sugar processing plants for condensers and evaporators. Deoxidized copper is the standard material for moving warmth from steam to water or air on account of their magnificent protection from consumption by new water and their high warm conductivities.

Copper Finned Tubes are generally utilized in warmth exchangers for applications for cooling and warming of fluid and gas, including water, oil, steam and air just as for buildup, dissipation.

These blade tubes are fabricated in different sizes going from 9.52mm OD up to 25.40mm OD and Wallthickness of the plain cylinders from 0.91mm up to 4mm, contingent on the specialized Parameters, needed by client.

Material [ MOC ]

: Copper SB111 UNS No. C-12200 / 12000


: As per SB-359


: 9.52mm, 12.70mm, 15.88mm, 19.05mm, 22.20mm to 25.40mm

Wall thickness

: 0.91mm up to 4mm

No. of Fins per Inch

: 19, 26, 30, 36, & 40 FPI

  • Copper Low Fin Tubes are accessible with precise lengths needed by client.
  • Copper Low Finned Tubes are accessible with plain part at the two closures, according to client particular.
  • Copper Fin Tubes are accessible with Intermediate arrivals (plain segment for confound sheet uphold), according to client necessity.
  • Copper Fin Tubes will be provided, properly Pneumatic Pressure Tested or Hydro Tested, in the wake of finning.
  • Copper Fin Tubes will be provided in "As Finned Temper".
  • Copper Fin Tubes will be provided properly Stress Relieved on in-house Electric Conveyor Belt Furnace, according to SB-359, on client explicit necessity.
  • We will give MTC alongwith our gracefully reports.